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Charlotte Jets Fans exceeds 1000 Facebook Followers

September 25, 2015 - A year ago, the CJF reported 800 likes on Facebook.  The numbers didnt improve much throughout the regular season in 2014 as the Jets fumbled to a 4-12 season in 2014.  However, as the Jets made major headlines during the offseason, most notably firing GM Idzik and HC Ryan, hiring GM Maccagnan and HC Bowles, and making some bold offseason moves such as resigning CB Revis, CB Cromartie, and trading for WR Brandon Marshall, activity on Facebook grew quickly resulting in over 1000 members by kickoff of Sept 13, 2015.

The Charlotte Jets fans welcome members back to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille in 2015, our 6th consecutive season at DNG!

Charlotte Jets Fans report Facebook Followership on Fire

September 13, 2014 - Over the past 2 weeks, the Charlotte Jets Fans have reported tremendous growth in facebook followership (page likes).  On September 5, the official number of facebook page likes crossed the 700 mark, and on September 10 exceeded 800 likes.

Growth in followership is not unusual each season.  The Charlotte Jets fans have experienced around a 20% growth in facebook fans each year over the past 3 seasons - however, they have seen their followership swell by 17% during the past 2 weeks alone, making it the most active 2 week period on record.  

When asked about the sudden growth, Scott Siegel, one of the founding members of the Charlotte Jets Fans said "We've been investing more time and energy into reaching facebook fans of other NY sports teams here in Charlotte.  Chances are a segment of them will also be Jets fans.  Also, by remaining active on Facebook, fans see that we are not an old, dormant group which encourages them to participate".

Groups, such as the Charlotte Jets Fans, use social media to connect with other fans, and encourage participation in meetup events.  Facebook is especially valuable as a forum to connect for meet up events when they live or travel outside of their team's home market.

"A large facebook following doesn't mean much if fans stay home on Sunday" said Siegel.  "But a strong growth in followership coupled with good play by the Jets means that game day attendance will keep the downstairs room at near-capacity levels - and create a fun, loud and exciting environment, perfect for football at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille" Siegel added.

The Charlotte Jets Fans estimated that 125 people were in attendance during the Week 1 matchup between the NY Jets and the Oakland Raiders.  "These are pretty reliable numbers, and we hope they continue to grow" said Siegel.

When asked if he had any advice for new members, Siegel added "Get there early and find a few open seats - most folks don't get booths.  Sit amongst the other fans to have a true football experience, and a chance to make some new friends!"


Facebook Followers Count and Growth Figures:

Sept  1, 2011: 393

Sept  1, 2012: 476 (21% annual growth)

Sept  1, 2013: 555 (17% annual growth)

Sept  1, 2014: 690 (24% annual growth)

Sept 13, 2014: 824 (19% growth in 2 weeks!)

Charlotte Jets Fans and Dilworth Neighborhood Grille re-up for 5th straight season

September 1, 2014 - The founders of the Charlotte Jets fans recently met with the owners of Dilworth Neighborhood Grille to confirm our reservations for the 2014-15 Jets meetup schedule. This is great news for Jets football fans, as Dilworth is one of the few Charlotte area restaurants that offer a full bar, complete menu, generally ample parking, and a kid friendly atmosphere so your little ones can enjoy Jets football.

Dilworth is planning on renovating their upstairs bar area, and in the process will be installing additional LCD TVs downstairs where the Jets fans typically meet. We currently have access to 2 large projecters, and several LCD TVs.  Further, Dilworth has upgraded the sound system in the downstairs room.

New this year at Dilworth is a Sunday brunch buffet and weekly food specials for Jets fans reminicent of football food from the northeast (think meatball subs and sausage & peppers).  Also, the Charlotte Jets Fans has loaned DNG a signed and framed Joe Namath Jersey (courtesy of Matt Jelnicky) and a giant inflatable Jets Bubba standing guard at the front door to help welcome fans on game day.

Charlotte Jets Fans announce Jets/Panthers Tailgate Party for December 15 2013 game

Sept 12, 2013 - The Charlotte Jets fans announced our intentions to host a tailgate party for our fellow fans and out of town guests.  We have hired BBQ and Blues champion Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ to provide the all you can eat BBQ buffet for our guests, and will host the party across the street from recently opened Romare Bearden park, allowing our fans plenty of room to toss a football.

$25 per guest allow us to pay for the space, food, beverages, and porta-pottys.  Fans are encouraged to sign up online or at an upcoming meeting event.  More details to follow by email.

Charlotte NY Jets Fans add daily Jets News email to list of free member services

January 11, 2012 - Fans that enjoy a healthy dose of Jets news in a single, consolidated, daily email can quickly and easily add their name to our growing news distribution list.

Our bot scours the web all day and night, picking up Jets related articles from the most trusted news and fan blog sites, and lays out the headlines and source for you in a easy to read email.  No more jumping around the web to see what Rex has to say about this or that.  Emails arrive around 7:00 am in your inbox and you can easily unsubscribe if your preferences change.

To join the daily email list, visit this link.

Charlotte Jets Fans announce Pregame Tailgate for Jets/Patriots Playoffs Game

January 12, 2011 - The Charlotte Jets Fans and Dilworth Neighborhood Grille are presenting a pregame tailgate event to celebrate the Jets/Patriots Divisional playoffs game.  The tailgate starts at 2:00PM and run till 4:00PM.  It costs $10 per person which includes a buffet featuring pasta and meatballs, buffalo chicken tenders, spinach and artichoke dip and chips with salsa.  There will also be a number of drink specials.

Also at the event, we will provide some traditional tailgate games such as corn hole and beer pong.  The event itself will be held in the downstairs atrium area.  There are TVs in the atrium and in the regular seating area and both locations will show the early game during the tailgate.

Charlotte Jets Fans announce 2010 Rally Game

Nov 16, 2010 - The 2010 Rally Game will be the Jets vs Patriots on MNF on 12/6 at 8:30PM.  With both teams vying for the top spot in the AFC East and a playoff berth, Jets fans around the nation will need to rally around the team to pull out a win in a historically hostile Gillette Stadium.

The Charlotte Jets Fans will hold a special meetup with various contests and give aways encouraging our 200+ fans to come on out and root on Gang Green.  For those who came out for Homecoming, you know what kind of fun we can have!  This is a special call out to all our new members!

Charlotte NY Jets Fans Designate 10/3 as "Homecoming"

September 27, 2010 - The Charlotte NY Jets Fans designated the upcoming Jets/Bills game as "Homecoming" for our Charlotte members.  The Jets face the Bills in Buffalo on Oct. 3 at 1:00PM.

"This is our first 1:00, non-locally televised game of the season, so it stands to reason that this should be the day that everyone is heading out to Dilworth to watch the Jets take on the Bills".

About homecoming - This will be our first annual homecoming game, and features a "Rookie Drawing" for all our first time attendees, other contests, and of course a great Jets game with hopefully 75 to 100 screaming fans!  We'll work with the managers at DNG to try to get a few specials set up for homecoming as well.

Charlotte NY Jets Fans announce "2010 @ Dilworth Neighborhood Grille"

August 20, 2010 - The Charlotte NY Jets Fans announced that they will officially select the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille as their new home.

After a successful test-run during the Jets/Giants preseason game, the group leaders decided that the DNG represents the best in all categories for the fan group.

"In looking for a centrally located, family friendly bar, with an appetite to host a bunch of crazy Jets fans week in and week out, the Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is the best option in all of Charlotte. The wait staff is great, the food is great, the TVs are great, but most important - the fan experience in our own private bar is what it's all about."

The DNG is located at 911 E Morehead Street, a block south of the I-277 loop near uptown Charlotte.  The owner/managers of the DNG are fellow ex-NYers and big NY sports fans.  The fan group meets on the ground floor in the private sports bar, with overflow space available upstairs at the main bar and additional party rooms.

Charlotte Jets Fans book 2010 World Champion Ranucci's BBQ to host Tailgate Dinner

July 15, 2010 - The Charlotte Jets Fans booked Ranucci's BigButt BBQ to cater our first ever Jets tailgate event.  Originally from Binghamton, NY, the Ranucci's are know for their award winning ribs and pork butts, winning and placing in some of the most competitive competitions across the south east. The list of awards and recognitions is so long, they have an entire page dedicated to them on their website (

It was not only a pleasure selecting one of the premier BBQ chefs in America for the tailgate, but also great to support an ex-NYer, and a good guy at that.

If you are ever back in central NY, you can also look up Ranucci's at their Binghamton location!

Tailgate Location Announced

June 24, 2010 - The Charlotte Jets Fans have secured a location for the Aug 21 tailgate event.  We will be at the open lot at the South East corner of Mint Street and Martin Luther King Blvd (formerly 2nd Street). 

This is a newer lot located between the Catalyst condo building and a 7 story parking deck.  This location was picked for its proximity to Bank of America Stadium (only a half block walk), its visability (at a major intersection with good foot traffic to help promote the group), and an abundance of shade in the late afternoon.

For more inforamtion, including an interactive google map of the location, please visit the tailgate FAQ.

New Charlotte Jets Fans site goes live

May 3, 2010 - A new and simpler to navigate website went live this weeked for the Charlotte Jets Fans.  The new site is cleaner and easier to navigate with more graphical representations of common links (ie Yahoo! Groups, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and removes some functions that were not adding a tremendous amount of value (recap of the Yahoo! Groups subject lines).  It is based off the Wordpress theme known as "whitespace", although modified slightly to add some more "green" to the page.

We will continue to look to improve the look and feel of the website and add functionality that adds to the usability of the site, without over-complicating the layout and navigation.

Charlotte Jets Fans announce Preseason Week 1 Meetup

April 29, 2010 - Scott and Matt announced that the first preseason meetup will be held at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill, off Morehead near Uptown Charlotte.  The guys said that the preseason is a good time to audtion other locations that seem like a good long term fit, however, this meetup by itself does not signal a permenant move from the Fairview Grill for the upcoming season.  That decision will come by the end of the preseason.

The Jets face the Giants at the New Meadowlands on Monday Aug. 16 at 8:00 PM.  The Dilworth Neighborhood Grill is buying the first round of beers for all Jets fans in green-and-white, and offered a round of "Jet Fuel" on the house if the Jets beat the Giants.  The bar also has half price pints on Monday nights!

Charlotte Jets Fans announce Week 3 Roadtrip

April 29, 2010 - After a conference call with a dozen other Jets Fan Groups from around the US, it was collectively decided to hold an annual "roadtrip" to watch Gang Green in action.  This year, the group selected Week 3 Jets at Miami for our roadtrip. 

This is a popular decision for several reasons including the large number of NYers that now live in South Florida, the fact that this will be a nationally televised game (let's embarrass the Fins fans by taking over their stadium), and the long standing rivalry between both teams.

The Jets Fans of South Florida will likely be hosting their out of town guests at a large pre-game tailgate.

We encourage our members to consider making a trip down to Miami for the game on Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Jets announce Preseason Schedule - Coming to Charlotte for Preseason Week 2

March 31, 2010 - The Jets announced their preseason schedule today and as luck may have it, Gang Green will travel to Charlotte to play against the Panthers! 

The Charlotte Jets Fans will host an all day pre-game tailgate for our members and out of town guests.  More details to follow.

Update: The game is scheduled for Saturday Aug. 21st at 8:00 PM.