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Jets Fans Alliance

Fans from all over!

The Charlotte NY Jets Fans group is part of the Jets Fans Alliance.  Made up of around a dozen mid and large city Jets Fans groups, the Jets Fans Alliance work together to coordinate nationwide activities for our members and for the fan group leadership.  We are also popularly referred to as the "NC Jets Fans" and welcome other fan groups within North Carolina to join with us.

The alliance is not sponsored by the NY Jets - it is by the fans for the fans.  If you are looking for a Jets Fan group in your area, check out the list of alliance members below:

East Coast:

Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Jets Fans

Charlotte, NC: The Charlotte NY Jets Fans

Miami/Ft lauderdale, FL: South Florida Jets Fan Club

Tampa Bay, FL: Tampa Bay Jets Fans

Washington DC: DC Jets Fans

Virginia Beach,VA: The Jet Set of Virginia Beach

West Coast:

Los Angeles, CA: The Real Los Angeles Jets Fans

San Diego, CA: San Diego Jets Fans

San Francisco, CA: San Francisco Jets Fans

Everywhere Else:

Austin, TX: Central Texas Jets Fans